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The Chiron in Aries transit begins on April 17, 2018 and will be in effect through September 18, 2026. Following your monthly horoscope will allow you to hone in on specific time periods where the Chiron influence will be strongest. From a personal standpoint, it’s also helpful to know where your natal Chiron lives (or where he was when you were born). That placement will reveal more details into what particular area of your life is most under the wounded healer’s influence. For additional insight in the Chiron Aries Transit make sure to read: Chiron in Aries Transit 2018-2026: Discovering What We’re Fighting For.

Here’s how the Chiron influence will be operating in each of the Zodiac signs as he travels through the sign of Aries.

Aries: Confidence & Outward Appearance          

Nobody will feel the influence of Chiron deeper than you Aries. With Chiron travelling through your sign, emotions will be heavy at times– but also healing. You are moving closer to a place of putting some old emotional hurts of the past behind you in order to become stronger and the person you’re meant to be.

Chiron is symbolic of our wounds and things that have happened to us that created scars and perhaps you’ve been feeling those in something involving your personal identity and how the world views you. Maybe you’ve already been feeling this intense process of change and you’re finding that shedding the old skin is rather difficult.

The process of healing from wounds in the area of self-identification is never easy. However, when it’s through you will be stronger on the inside – and out – regarding who you truly are. A totally new cycle of getting in touch with our past wounds will begin to take place at this time.

On a personal level, you will likely need to get more in touch with your feelings (which is not your strong suit) in order to cleanse out emotional baggage. An important healing process will take place during this new cycle—which ultimately helps you to understand yourself on a whole new level. 


Taurus: Behind the Scenes Themes

Chiron will be operating in your 12th house which could bring feelings out of your subconscious and into the forefront. Things that you may have bottled up for quite some time are looking to be released. High emotions may have started to surface as a result – especially in regards to situations of the past that may have hurt you.

Over the next several years there will be certain periods of high emotion as a result of this cleansing of your psyche. Chiron’s influence allows us to move on and forgive past hurts. He also allows us to learn from past experiences in order to help others with similar struggles.

During Chiron’s next phase, which won’t begin until 2026, you’re sign will go through a significant healing transformation. This is because that will be the point where Chiron begins to travel through your sign.

Gemini: Hopes & Dreams + Friends & Associations

Chiron will be operating in your 11th house of friends and groups you belong to. Past hurts and wounds regarding situations involving friends and groups that you belong(ed) may become prominent during this long standing cycle. You may undergo a process of working through some long standing issues with friends or feel some pain or hurt because of Chiron’s effect on this area of your life. Chiron’s influence may help you become more aware of the people you should and should not keep in your circle.

Cancer: Career & Place in the Public Eye  

Chiron will be affecting your 10th house which is the realm of your career and place in the public eye. You’re being pushed to heal your old wounds which could have originated with a prominent parent or with something in your career. This effect could also push you through a process of getting in better tune with what you want to do in your career or what your next steps are in your life direction will be. It’s possible that you change career paths in order to become more intune with your spiritual or soul purpose. The only problem with Chiron, however, is that his process can be long and tears end up being shed along the way. In the end you will be stronger and wiser and more in tune with what you want to do with your life’s work.

Leo: Foreigners, Publishing, Promotion & Travel

Chiron will be affecting your 9th house and bringing old wounds relating to this area to the surface. However, I must tell you that Chiron will be of great support to you since he’s operating in your fellow fire sign. Some great turning points surrounding who you are and what you’re fighting for will be coming to the surface for you through this period. You’re being pushed to heal hurts of the past originating with a foreigner, grandchildren, publishing/self-promotion, a learning endeavor/schooling or even a spiritual or religious matter of some sort. It’s also possible that you undergo a process of reexamining your spiritual beliefs or coming to a new understanding about what you consider to be your faith. An important spiritual transformation could come about during this period. Get ready to be rocked on the spiritual plane!

Virgo: Joint Resources, Help From Other People

Chiron will be affecting your 8th house of joint resources, help from others, divorce, debt, death and intimacy. You may go through the process of healing from wounds in one of these areas – especially in regards to situations of the past that have hurt you. The process of realigning your intimacy department is underway. You may even go through a period of sexual healing or rediscovering yourself sexually. I’ve seen many people go through an important metamorphasis, sexually, when Chiron activates the area of intimacy.

Libra: Relationships

Chiron will be affecting your 7th house of close and personal relationships which is an important area of your astrology. Your relationships area of life will be getting the brunt of Chiron’s wounded + healer attention. During this period you will likely think more deeply about the people you are closely intertwined with – particularly a spouse or partner. Throughout this process you will become stronger in your belief of what you truly want in a partner — as well as what’s most important to you in the relationship. You will also be able to look back on your past hurts, in anything surrounding your partner, with new wisdom and understanding. The only problem with Chiron, however, is that his process can be long and tears end up being shed along the way. In the end you will be stronger and wiser in this particular area of your life.

Scorpio: Work, Pets & Living Environment     

Chiron will be affecting your 6th house of habits, working environment and health. Themes involving work, co-workers, health, daily routine and pets may be emotionally reexamined. Perhaps situations involving your work or living environment area of life crop up that help you to see yourself in a different light. Some hurts may be felt but at the same time a healing takes place. As time goes, you’ll be able to further comprehend things and eventually see things in a different light. It’s also possible that you decide to take on a new pet in order to heal in some way, shape or form. Pets could become a source of healing transformation.

Sagittarius: Children, Fun, Dating & Creativity

Chiron’s influence will be affecting your 5th house and because of his presence in a fellow fire sign will be of great support. There will be a push to heal old wounds originating with something involving a child or children, your own self-actualization or awareness and creativity. Perhaps something in the past held you back and now it’s time to reconnect with your inner child. This healing energy may help you begin to comprehend a past hurt with one of these themes in a new light. I would suggest considering taking up a new artistic or creative hobby to get in touch with what makes you happiest. There is some sort of healing or joy to be had with being creative during this cycle.

Capricorn:  Home & Real Estate

Chiron will be operating in your 4th house of family and home helping you move past wounds of your past – probably involving your family. Events could eventually start to surface that will push you to see hurts (originating in your early childhood) in a new light. An ultimate healing will take place as a result of seeing things in a new light. The only problem with Chiron, however, is that his process can be long and tears end up being shed along the way. In the end, however, you come out healed from wounds of the past and in a place where you can help others with similar scars. Your soul is going through a process of evolution with this transit and it’ll be an important piece of your journey of where you go next.

Aquarius: Communications, Siblings, Neighbors & Transportation 

Chiron will be operating in your 3rd house of siblings and communications. Due to his presence in your personal astrology, you might undergo a long process to heal some old wounds which could have originated with events involving your siblings, neighbors, communications or early childhood.

Situations from early childhood, particularly those with siblings, cousins or aunt and uncles could come to the surface during this period. At various points throughout this long cycle, you will come to a place of deeper understanding and emotional healing.

Pisces: Money & Things Valued 

Pisces nobody knows the Chiron transits better than you – since you just lived through it over the last 7+ years! You can fully appreciate how far you’ve come in this time – along with how much healing (as well as hurt) that has come to the surface. I’m sure you are understanding who you are much more clearly than ever. Moving ahead, Chiron will now begin to operate in your 2nd house or personal possessions. He’s going to be pushing you to perhaps think differently about money or things that you value.

Your core values, surounding what’s important and what’s not, will be going through some changes. Feelings surrounding having to let go of certain material possessions or things you value could stem during this period. Wounds that you carry involving money or close and personal possessions will likely pop up at some point during this period. Even though emotions may surface, there will be key opportunities to come to a greater understanding about your possessions. What’s worth it and what’s not will be the key questions that will be answered by the end of this cycle.

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