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Go Time Arrives Once Again

But the fact of the matter is that something is going to have to be different this time around. The April Aries Cazimi New Moon, arriving on April 15, 2018, won’t have it any other way. This is going to be a New Moon that has potential to surprise, enlighten, revive and shock us all at the same time. With combinations in play that won’t be around again until 2094* – this is a New Moon to grab by the reigns and do something important with.

Everything you can imagine is real. — Pablo Picasso

If you can believe it in your mind — eventually in some way shape or form it takes root.

It doesn’t happen over night but with time anything is possible with the right ingredients. The questions I want to ask you at this New Moon juncture have everything to do with what you’ve been recently thinking about. Those thoughts that have been swirling around over the last few weeks are telling now. Some sort of revamp is in motion. This is the point where we’ll have an opportunity to take whatever we’ve been thinking about to a totally new level.

The recent astrological climate has been intense and there is no denying that change is in the air. However, there are benefits cropping up at the same time. The good news is that this New Moon marks the sweet spot for Mercury stationing direct. Ding dong Mercury Retrograde is now over and it’s time to take all those redos, revisits & revamps and go full frontal.

Mercury will also be touching Chiron in the last degree of Pisces at this New Moon.

Another turning point is approaching in regards to our hurts of the past. With Chiron heading into the fearless and courageous sign of Aries (exact on April 17th) we’re going to be able to take on a new perspective on our hurts of the past. Rather than feeling held back and victimized by them – a new wave approaches that will help us move ahead and stop looking back.

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With so much Aries now in play, it’s going to be hard not to act and take things into our own hands. Some of us have been put into circumstances where we’ve been forced to pick up broken pieces – while others have had to start learning to deal with totally new circumstances.  Our roads through uncertainty have been fierce and what’s even worse  are all those “what ifs” that have been swirling through our minds.

When the sign of Aries thinks about “what ifs” he thinks about “what if this can go right” – not wrong.

He’s a fearless warrior and precisely the energy that so many of us need right now. With the way the planetary scene is set we’ll all have a chance to get a little more warrior like too.

There are many things to celebrate at this time – including gaining a new outlook on any and all of our situations. No matter how bleak or dyer things may be – there is something alive and fresh looking to come out from behind the scenes. And that’s where the “newness” comes into play. With the first sign of the Zodiac lighting us up new seeds are looking to be planted.

Imagine the possibilities with this one – because by golly you might be able to achieve something pretty spectacular with where your mind takes you.

Whether you’ve been following my work for several years or just recently found me, I’m sure you’ll notice I’m a proponent of the arts. I love pairing beautiful art creations with my articles and always have new ideas I’m bouncing off artists. Even though I can’t draw to save my life, I’m a picture person. My visualization abilties have helped me to be an astrologer because astrology is a picture language.

My advice to all of you with this New Moon is to engage in your own visualization ability— no matter how big or small.

Even if you have zero, zilch or nadda arty vision it is always possible to muster up the possibilities. Go ahead and be a litle wild and crazy with where you go with it. This New Moon wants just that! Initiations are unfolding and new ideas are cropping up.  A need to act is coming front and center. Some of us just won’t be able to help ourselves while others will need an extra push. The tools are there for everyone.

The caveat, however, is that we’ll need to be in tune with some important signs surrounding what stays and what goes.

With an intense Saturn + Mars + Pluto trio muddying up these New Moon flames some blockages may be in our way. We may want to hit the gas and go 80 mph but the universe is like “Hey man slow down!”

Thankfully, sweet Venus, will be helping sugarcoat any volatility. This is especially the case with her working so nicely with Mars – one of the stars of this month’s New Moon story. He’ll be giving us an important light to ignite our matches of possibility. Given that he’s wearing his Capricorn clothes at the moment (one of the signs he works *best* in) additional tools are available to help us become trail blazers in wherever we go next.

It’s also possible that some of us find some unexpected romance. Something that you thought was long gone now has the potential to be revived once again. But as I said earlier …. it’ll never be the same as it was. We need to go into anything and everything with an open mind.

Where we go from here has the potential to truly surprise the pants off of us.

We all have a little (or a lot) of this Aries energy somewhere within us. This New Moon in Aries has the potential to help us see the exact place where we can be more inventive, fearless and fight for whatever it is that we’re looking to act on or initiate. Even if we decide to just make an intention or promise to begin – we’re taking a fearless Aries leap and beginning the pioneering process.

Dream it. See it. Do it. That’s the message coming through loud and clear.

* Uranus and the Sun will be in an almost exact conunction in Aries at this time. Given the slow movement of Uranus through the signs, this won’t happen again  until 2094.

Sabian Symbol Insight

Additional insight, as well as affirmation into moving ahead, can be found when we explore the Sabian Symbol for the March 2018 New Moon. Click here for the background behind Sabian Symbols. Also keep in mind that we always need to ‘round up to the next degree when considering Sabian Symbols. This New Moon falls in 26 and change degrees Aries. For Sabian Symbol Analysis, I’ve rounded up to the 27th degree.

The Moon in 27° Aries says “Through Imagination a Lost Opportunity is Regained”

Keywords: Imagination, creativity, renewed hopes & dreams, a second chance, revised thinking on situations, renewal, finding something lost, changing you mind about a long lost cause

Astrological Oracle: This New Moon’s Sabian Symbol is indeed in line with the planetary message in play. With Mercury retrograde now coming to completion, we can take whatever insights we’ve gained from ‘the necessity to go back’ and now move ahead. Uranus, the planet of unexpected genius and star player of this New Moon, also gives credit to this telling symbol. His ability to help us ‘think outside the box’ and use our imaginations in the wildest of ways could end up serving us well. Any lost opportunities of the past now have a chance to be reborn in a very different kind of way. The importance of visalization and using our imaginations will be strong here. In the words of Albert Einstein, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

April Cazimi New Moon Details

Sign & Degree: Aries– 26°02’

Date: April 15, 2018

Exact Time:

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